No, we are not a shop. We are a price comparison site. We help you to find the best deals by comparing the prices from different online retailers. We research millions of products and thousands of suppliers so all you have to do is relax and enjoy shopping.

Once you decide you would like to buy a product, all you do is click through directly to the supplier’s website. You will deal directly with the retailer or travel supplier after that stage. If you have any problems with an order you should contact the supplier directly.

No. Comparing prices from all shops on the web would be very difficult. So instead, what we do is work with a wide range of retailers, including 17 out of the top 25 retailers in the UK. If you are interested in products listed and you click through to the supplier’s site, the supplier pays us a small referral fee. There is no cost to you as a user.

If you can find a better price elsewhere, we’d love to hear about it! We are constantly looking for new retailers to join Shopzta, and if we find a supplier that has better offers than those on our site, we contact them and try to include them on Shopzta.

We’ve years of experience of dealing with online suppliers and we always keep an eye on our customers’ feedback. If we get complaints about a particular supplier, we’ll look into whether we should continue to list them or not and, if necessary, we can remove sites while they sort out the problems at their end. If you have a complaint, you can report it to our customer service department. If your complaint is about a claim or statement made in a listing which you think could be misleading or illegal, you can also report it to the Advertising Standards Authority

Please note Shopzta cannot enter into any discussions between yourself and a supplier about goods you’ve purchased from them.

The prices on our site are updated up to 4 times daily to ensure you are always seeing the best deals. The retailers we list promise us that all the information they provide about the product for sale, including the price, is accurate and up to date. They have a duty to update the information if it is inaccurate and it is very rare that the prices for a product will differ between our site and the supplier’s website. If you discover a discrepancy, please let us know because we only wish to list suppliers that deliver on their promises.

Suppliers on our site are required to display the cost of the item and any postage and packaging costs (P&P costs) separately. Prices displayed include any applicable taxes and fees.

When you see a product and you click through to the retailer’s site. The supplier pays us a small referral fee. With the money we make from these referral fees we regularly invest back into our websites to make our service better for you, our customers.

We chose the name Shopzta as it’s fun, catchy and appeals to the new generation of online shoppers

Relax, shop and enjoy!

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